Welcome to Quilts Everywhere

Welcome to Quilts Everywhere.

My name is Roberta and I love to quilt. I spend most of my quilting time working on charity quilts. When I am not working on charity quilts, I am teaching people how to quilt. Working with fabric, creating and designing quilts is a passion. I have always something going on my sewing table. I am given blocks that didn’t quite work out, which I fix and it turns into a beautiful quilt. There are always bags of fabric cut into pieces with no directions, that end up at my house. So you can see how I would end up with quilts everywhere.

My husband tolerates my obsession, as long as I cook dinner every night, I am good. I am also a avid gardener. I spend mornings in my vegetable garden with my cat. Yes I am a quilter with a cat. Although he is not allowed anywhere near my fabric or quilts.

I hope to inspire, encourage, and help you with any of your quilt projects. I also hope to learn from you . So lets get this quilting thing going.

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